VR Experiences

Solar LAB, Sweden

The Solar Laboratory of the University of Gävle, is a specialised Laboratory to perform development and testing of solar components in the field of Solar Thermal, PVT and Photovoltaics.

It uses the Quasi Dynamic Testing, a method for testing solar thermal collectors under varying conditions which allow for tests to be done with a wider range of outdoor conditions. The method is applied by identifying the collector parameters from the measurement data by linear regression. 

PVT Installation, Germany

The PVT Installation on a farm in Brandenburg, Germany, is a testing facility where a prototype has been installed to supply both hot water as well as electricity to the farm. 

A solar field is made of PVT collectors, meaning that by receiving solar radiation, they can produce both electricity and thermal energy (hot water). 

This enables the reduction of fossil fuels. A monitoring system has been implemented, so that, live data can be  retrieved. 

RawLala Vegan Laboratory 

is a small business from Craiova that produces and sells tasty sugar-free cookies made with natural ingredients. It was founded during the pandemic but enjoyed great success locally. 

Fresh cookies are prepared daily in the bakery laboratory to delight customers.

The University of Craiova, Romania

The University of Craiova is the most important academic institution and provider of higher-educated human resources in SW Romania. It has twelve faculties. The Department of Physics is part of the Faculty of Sciences. 

This tour will allow visitors to visit a few laboratories in physics, such as Newtonian Mechanics, Optics, Optometry, Medical Imaging, and Radiotherapy. 

In labs like these, students discover the mysteries of physics and prepare to become medical physicists or optometrists.

Sf. Nectarie Oncological Hospital, Craiova, Romania

The tour of the oncology hospital gives medical physics students a glimpse of where they can practice. 

They can visit the reception area to see the bunker where the linear accelerator is located, the control room where the radiation is delivered to the patient, and the space where the medical physicist contributes to treatment plans and schedules quality assurance procedures.

The Academics’ House 

This is a historical building that belongs to the University of Craiova. It is the place where academic community members organise different meetings, doctoral theses are defended, or events like workshops, conferences and official meetings are organised within projects coordinated by the University of Craiova. 

The building is based in the old family home of Nicolae Romanescu, Craiova’s elite mayor. The tour allows visitors to see some of the rooms of this architectural jewellery. 

Chocholate Factory, Portugal

In this chocolate factory, the processes of transforming cocoa beans into chocolate can be seen, from the incoming inspection of the cocoa beans, the toasting of the beans, the mixing of the cocoa paste and finally the production of chocolates of different grades and tastes.

This factory has a PV installation, meaning that part of the electricity used in the factory is produced by means of solar radiation.