Virtual Reality for Digital Learning

VR content and resources to support education and training for youth

Virtual Reality for Digital Learning (VR4Learning) aims to increase knowledge and awareness in the areas of environment, green transition and sustainability among diverse groups of students and youth in various industries, with emphasis on ‘leaving no one behind’. 

We are introducing a new learning methodology involving a high level of technology incorporation, which includes virtual reality and augmented reality to stimulate an engaging learning environment, made accessible in various languages.

Our work is focussed on creation of videos for online courses, and use virtual and augmented reality for digital learning, including training sessions with 3D glasses which will enable learning at a distance in an immersive environment. In this joint effort, youth from diverse backgrounds will have opportunities to learn about green transition and sustainability efforts.

Taking learning to the next level


 "This project comes right in time to enrich my training!"

Youth worker from Bulgaria

 "We are on the verge of learning revolution and VR4LEARNING makes it easirer for us to take the leap of change"

Trainer from Sweden

 "Students find it difficult to focus. With VR tools we might have a chance to reengage them!"

Academic lecturer from Romania

 "We need to embrace new technologies to keep up with our young learners!"

Trainer from Portugal